What have you heard about Boonton?

What have you heard about Boonton?

  • Jackie Scura
  • 07/18/22

There are a lot of great stories about Boonton – and some of them are even true!  This week on the blog, we’ll take a deeper look at what is true about Boonton and what is just a fun fact.  Interested in seeing a similar story about your town? Let me know! 

  1. FACT: Samuel Ogden, manager of the Boonton Iron Works, was a Colonel in the NJ Militia during the Revolutionary War. Interestingly, while Samuel and his brother Abraham supported the Patriots, their father and three other brothers were Loyalists who supported the King. 
  2. FICTION: The name Boonton was originally Bone Town. The story goes that there was a flour shortage one year, leading the residents of the area to eat a lot of meat.  After cleaning their plates, the workers would toss the animal bones outside, leading to heaps of bones all over and the name Bone Town.  In reality, Boonton was named in 1761 after Colonial Governor Thomas Boone.
  3. FACT: Boonton was a stop on the Underground Railroad that assisted in helping move enslaved people to Canada.
  4. FICTION: The original Boonton is still standing under the Jersey City Reservoir, and in times of drought, you can see the church spire.   The original town was moved or destroyed in the 1890’s.
  5. FACT: The Boonton Iron Works supplied ammunitions and supplies to the Union Army, including many of the nails used during this period.
  6. FICTION: Aliens placed the rocks into the unique formation at Tripod Rock on Pyramid Mountain. Not technically in Boonton, but so close and so interesting, it had to be included here.  Tripod Rock is a huge boulder that sits atop three smaller stones and while it is a subject of much debate, it was most likely not placed here by aliens.
  7. FACT: The Boonton Art District includes six art galleries and is unique in Morris County for having so many.
  8. FACT: First Fridays are a BLAST! Organized by Boonton Main Street, a non-profit organization, the first Friday of each month is an evening of shopping, entertainment, food and friends.

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