Top 5 Tips to Increase Curb Appeal

  • Jackie Scura
  • 05/26/22

Top 5 Tips to Increase Curb Appeal

I have heard the term “curb appeal” tossed around for years , and I’m still not sure that it means the same thing to everybody.  For some, it means simply planting flowers while to others it means a complete overhaul of the home.  To those in the know, curb appeal is really just giving the impression of a well-kept home. In my opinion, it can be small steps to make your home feel inviting and easy to live in.  Here are my top five tips to increase curb appeal:

  1. Fresh mulch in your garden beds not only looks great, it contributes to the health of the soil so your plants will look even better.  Most landscaping services offer this as a special add on, or your local hardware store should have bags of mulch that are easy to transport.  One woman in my office claims the best way to tackle this chore is to contact a landscape supply company directly and have them deliver the mulch to your home.  Her family then takes the morning to spread the mulch around the yard and celebrates with a delicious lunch from Sergio’s.  But be sure to wear a mask if you are tackling this chore.
  2. Prune trees and bushes. If you feel comfortable doing this yourself, watch a few videos online to get an idea about the ideal shapes and then go for it.  As always it is better to start slow, you can always cut more later.  A landscaper or arborist may be necessary if you have more mature plantings.  
  3. Power Wash! Power washers are often available to rent for a reasonable price at your local hardware store and in an afternoon, it can look like you have a whole new home.  If you don’t have the time, a local handyperson or landscaper can get your home sparkling with a quick powerwash of the exterior of the home, deck, patio, and walkways.  
  4. Clean windows. I’ve found the easiest way to clean windows is with a Gleen Cloth (  Just add water and these non-toxic cloths will make your windows sparkle.  They can also be used on window screens, although a popular idea if you are listing your home is to remove the screens and label and store them.  Without the window screens, more light streams into your windows, and it photographs beautifully.
  5. Plant some flowers. I know, the oldest trick in the book – but for a good reason! A little color in the form of flowers, plants, or even just planters by the front door looks joyful and vibrant.  

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