Staying Motivated

Staying Motivated

  • Jackie Scura
  • 07/11/22

I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life.  I’ve always worked, and I’ve always liked it best when I’m my own boss.  Everyday is different and the harder I work, the more successful I am.  When the weather heats up and the kids are home from school it can be hard to keep working when it feels like everyone else is playing.  Here are a few of my tips to staying motivated in the summer months.

  1. Plan! I’m always making lists. Taking a few minutes before you open email to figure out what the day’s priorities are can make a big difference in how much you actually accomplish and your mindset for the day. Plus, if you do this before the phone starts buzzing, you get to be in control of your day – which is why I chose to be an entrepreneur in the first place.
  2. Set Goals. SMART goals that is – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based.  A good goal for me is to get one blog posted every week for the next two months.  This checks all of the SMART boxes, plus it helps my web page with its organic reach and is fun.
  3. I know it’s a buzzword, but for good reason.  If you can’t complete that task, go to that happy hour or do that favor, don’t make yourself crazy over it.  Just say no and move on.  I’ve heard it said that if your initial reaction isn’t “Yes!!!! I’d love to” it should be “Let me think about it and get back to you.”  This will buy you a few minutes to prioritize what makes the most sense for you today.
  4. Party on a Tuesday? Yes please!  Because I’ve been a realtor for so long, I assume that most of my weekends are going to be spent showing houses and talking to clients.  So if a Tuesday is a beautiful sunny day, you bet I’m going to meet up with friends or invite the kids over.  Being your own boss gives you this kind of flexibility and I’m not going to be one to waste it!
  5. Stay positive! Post positive quotes around your office, affirmations as screen savers or passwords, and positive self-talk can have a huge impact on your motivation. Every real estate coach swears by this tip. 
  6. Take a break. What can I say? Sometimes you just need a day off!  If you have everything in good order, and a capable team to support you – which I do – it’s nice to reward yourself with a day to relax.

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