Spring Cleaning Hacks

Spring Cleaning Hacks

  • Jackie Scura
  • 05/9/22

Admittedly, I know more about selling houses than I do cleaning them (do what you love, right?), but I have a few hacks that will save you time while keeping your home looking great. Just like how you clean your home top to bottom, my hacks will start at the ceiling and work their way down. 

Ceiling Fan Dust Storm?

The dust-free way to clean a ceiling fan is by using an old pillowcase. Sounds strange but slide the pillowcase onto the fan blade and wipe the debris clean - all the dust falls into case, not onto you or the floor. A bonus of starting your cleaning at the top, is if any dust does land below, you’ll be sure to vacuum it up.

Best Way to Clean Windows?

If we’ve ever had a conversation about cleaning, I’m sure I’ve told you about Gleen cloths.  They are miracle workers! Simply wet the Gleen and use it to clean windows, mirrors, marble, plastic, granite – not quite everything, but so many things!! They are non-toxic and reusable.  You can find them on gleencloth.com or Amazon.  They truly make your windows gleam!

Clean your mattress with Vodka?

Not only is vodka delicious when mixed into a bloody Mary, but it is also a great disinfectant, especially for hard to clean items, like a mattress.  Simply remove sheets and other bedding.  Then put a few ounces of vodka into a spray bottle and lightly mist over the bed.  This is great to do on a guest bed in between visitors or every few months on your own bed.      

Coke Cleans Toilets?

Yes! The carbonation in soda will help descale your least-favorite job.  Simply pour it into the toilet, paying careful attention to the “rings” and leave it overnight.  In the morning, simply flush it and celebrate with a Coke from your supply!

Poison Ivy from Weeding?

Know Thine Enemy: Poison ivy leaves grow in groups of three with a larger center leaf. It can grow on the ground or twine up trees as a furry looking vine. No matter where you find it, the entire plant is covered in Urushiol, an oily irritant. Be sure to cover up completely- including gloves - and don't touch anything until you have scrubbed down with Dawn dish soap or a specially made Urushiol remover. Preston Drugs has some good options, but I find that Dawn works the best. If it turns out that you missed a spot and have developed a rash an over-the-counter antihistamine should help. If the rash is getting worse, please do seek medical attention.

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