Jackie's Tips to Get Ready for the Spring Market

Jackie's Tips to Get Ready for the Spring Market

  • Jackie Scura
  • 03/14/22

These warm weather days are perfect for getting your home ready for the next season.  Whether you are thinking about moving or just thinking about giving your home a refresh, I have a few ideas that will help make your home ready for anything! 

Front door refresh

According to feng shui, the art of arranging your space to promote calm and beauty, it’s important to have a well-maintained entrance to your home. After all, this is where new opportunities (new buyers, perhaps?) enter your life. Sweep your front landing area and touch up any paint that may have chipped or faded over the winter. Choose a wreath or plant you love and a fabulous door mat that is slightly bigger than the width of your door. A little effort here goes a long way towards making your home inviting.

Fabulous foyer

Once you open the front door and step inside the front hall (or foyer or vestibule) it should be both beautiful and functional.  A bench, coat holder or coat closet makes it easy for guests to see where to put their things and helps keep clutter under control. If you have the space, adding a piece of artwork, like a photo or print of a landscape or abstract scene, helps draw people into your home and feel relaxed.  This is not the spot for family photos

Shiny appliances

The stove represents the heart of the home, so keeping it well maintained and clean should be a priority. A quick wipe down with Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes helps keep your stainless-steel appliances looking fresh.  If you have opted for white, black or a custom-color appliance, a general-purpose cleaner or degreaser works well.  I like Mrs. Meyer’s geranium in the springtime. 

Clean(ish) closets

I’m not going to tell you to empty out anything or give away all of your clothes!  But maybe think about moving out of season clothes out of the way.  Having a little empty space can feel refreshing. 

Add a plant (or 5)

Plants help purify the air inside your home, but there is no reason to go overboard.  A good rule of thumb is five plants per home give you all of the benefits but without taking over all of your free time.  Condurso’s in Montville has tons of interesting plants and a great staff to help you pick ones that will thrive in your home.  I’ve also been known to pick up a few at Trader Joe’s – can’t resist the cute planters. 

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