Is it still a Sellers Market? Yes, but….

Is it still a Sellers Market? Yes, but….

  • Jackie Scura
  • 12/21/21

Without a doubt, there are more buyers interested in Morris County than there are houses available.  This trend will continue well into 2022 as new people move in and current residents look to move into homes that better suit their needs without leaving their communities.  With our ample outdoor space, restaurants, and entertainment options as well as easy access to highways and airports, I always think Morris County is the best place to live.  

But, sellers need to be thoughtful about the best way to create excitement and demand for their homes.  Today’s tech savvy buyers are knowledgeable about neighborhoods and have specific preferences about what they do and do not want in homes.  With 37 years of experience as well as access to the latest technological advances, I can help sellers position their homes for a stress-free sale.  Here are a few things keep in mind if you are beginning to think about selling.

Goldilocks Principle.  Pricing is everything - too high and you’ll scare off buyers, too low and potential buyers will wonder what is wrong with the property.  While comps give you a good idea where to start, a professional realtor has their finger on the pulse of the market and can position you correctly, right from the start, for fewer days on the market. 

Small Repairs = Lost Opportunities. Touch up paint, fixing leaky faucets and squeaky hinges are all small jobs that can be completed by the homeowner, or for a small fee by a handyman, but can stop an interested buyer in their tracks.  A clean and well-maintained home helps buyers to feel like they can just move right in, even if they don’t share the same décor style.

Clear out the clutter.  I know, you’ve been hearing it for years, but I can’t stress enough just how much buyers love to see a garage than can fit their cars, or a basement that can be used for both storage and recreation or a well-organized closet.  If the homeowners don’t have the time or inclination, there are a variety of organizing experts who can do the job. 

If you are even in the early stages of thinking about putting your home on the market, I can help you get ready.  Don’t hesitate to reach out – it’s never to early to start preparing. 

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I’m proud to be a top agent in Morris County, and of receiving top sales awards every year, but what I’m most proud of is my professional reputation. My clients are trusting me with some of their most important personal and financial decisions and I take that seriously.

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