Can Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle Help You Save Money?

Can Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle Help You Save Money?

  • Jackie Scura
  • 11/5/18

We all know the reasons why it so important to eat healthy, exercise and take care of ourselves, but yet we still struggle to do it sometimes. What if there was an additional incentive? What if we could save money in the process? This is the new trend in life insurance. Insurance companies are finding ways to reduce your life insurance premiums based on your exercise and all around health goals. One insurance company in particular is giving away free Fitbits and offering huge discounts on the Apple Watch to help track your progress. Participants receive discounts at major foods stores, gift certificates to different retailers as they reach goals and even an Amazon Prime membership!

There are many reasons why an individual needs life insurance, with the most common use for family protection. What happens to my family if something happens to me? How can I guarantee that they will be taken care of? Term life insurance is an inexpensive way to ensure that your family is covered for a set period of time. Permanent life insurance can be utilized to help with college planning, retirement planning and a variety of other financial solutions.

Over the years, life insurance has become commoditized. It has become increasingly difficult for insurance companies to differentiate their products from their competitors. Insurers have always used a rating system to charge for life insurance. The healthier the individual, the lower the premium at time of purchase. Today’s new policies will enable you to reduce premiums as you go, along with the additional incentives and discounts. Pick up the phone and call me for a free quote!

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